CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf) opened its doors in 1975 with a mission to both advocate for and create access to essential programs and services that make the world more equal for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.


CSD began its journey as a small, but passionate grassroots movement in South Dakota and we have evolved in the decades since into an international organization that has positively affected millions of lives. For nearly forty years, CSD has worked to challenge convention by championing innovation, which has transformed the communications experience for deaf and hearing people.


Dr. Benjamin J. Soukup in his first office in 1975.

CSD is proud of our heritage, our talented and dedicated global workforce, and our persevering, unwavering devotion to our community.





CSD is currently based in Austin, Texas and is a proud partner of TSDF. We support TSDF through creative services, representation of CSD leadership on TSDF’s board, and providing sign language interpreting services.

Learn more about CSD and its programs at www.c-s-d.org. And if you are interested in collaborating on programs that benefit the Deaf community in Texas and abroad, please get in touch!