Position Posting for TSD Foundation Executive Director

Texas School for the Deaf Foundation (TSDF), a 501 (c)(3) organization, seeks a Consultant to provide supportive and effective Executive Director (ED) leadership to the Foundation. TSDF’s Mission is to strengthen and sustain language, academic achievement and career pathways for deaf students at TSD and across Texas. More information about TSDF is available at the end of this document, as well as its website www.tsdfoundation.org.


The ED shall maintain organizational stability, bringing their knowledge and skills to maintain momentum in achieving the strategic work of the Foundation. This includes managing daily operations, building relationships with key stakeholders, engaging with the Board of Directors, and identifying alternative sources of funding. Daily operations include supervising contractors, administering the Foundation’s programs & events, and back-side operations such as managing software systems, accounting, and other contracted work.

Additionally, the ED coordinates all aspects of volunteer development, including board members, community volunteers and members of the deaf community. Volunteers and volunteer development is vital to the organization, and TSDF along with the Executive Board will work with the ED to increase volunteer development.

The ED shall oversee the budget, sustain organizational visibility and communications, drive fundraising efforts, support key relationships, and manage programs. The successful ED will demonstrate experience in organizational development, coaching, fundraising, resource development, human resources, and financial management.


Contract will be for a minimum of 12 months with mutual options to extend given satisfactory annual reviews. The ED shall work 20 hours per week on average and works with additional part-time contractors to assure legal not for profit operations.

The primary function of the ED is increasing the Foundation’s revenue streams to support TSDF & TSD. TSDF is open to innovative ideas, new funding sources, and cultivating new donors. As such, the ED has the flexibility to restructure current operational functions (in consultation with the Executive Committee) if the ED should wish to handle these tasks themselves and outsource other functions (fundraising, grant writing, social media, etc.).

Current contractors include a bookkeeper supporting QuickBooks, a database manager supporting Salesforce (used in tracking donor sources), a graphic designer supporting marketing collaterals, and a web designer/social media specialist to supplement financial, administrative and event planning needs.


Applications will be received by TSDF until 5:00 p.m. CT on Friday, July 27, 2018. Applications must be submitted via email or received by mail by July 27, 2018 to: Mark Seeger, TSDF, PO Box 42727, Austin, Texas 78704 (mseeger@tsdfoundation.org). Please include an e-mail and phone contact information while using the subject line of “Executive Director”. Questions may be submitted to Mark Seeger at the above address or by e-mail to mseeger@tsdfoundation.org.


  • Provide an outline of your experience in a resume format, to include at a minimum the following:
  • List of leadership positions held, with description of responsibilities at each position.
  • Number of years worked (indicate any previous experience with nonprofits or diverse and multicultural populations).
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) references. Include the name of the relevant organization, name of contact person and telephone number.
  • Provide overall background, directly related experiences and past successes.

    Provide a detailed description of direct experience performing the following functions:

  • Nonprofit financial management and budget oversight
  • Supervision of volunteers and staff
  • Organizational visibility
  • Communications with key partners
  • Program management
  • Nonprofit operations
  • Fundraising and resource-donor development


  • Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Demonstrated proficiency in nonprofit leadership responsibilities
  • Demonstrated knowledge of nonprofit work, especially youth sector
  • References
  • Cost of services (compensation requirement)


Award/selection will be made to the Consultant that best meets TSDF’s needs and requirements. All aspects of evaluation will be taken into consideration in awarding this contract.

The ED is to be reimbursed for any approved travel expenses at prevailing rates established by TSDF, but will not include travel between the consultant’s office and the TSD campus or Austin-area TSDF activities.

TSDF will make available: ED job description, strategic plan, 2018-2019 (and subsequent years) approved budgets, and other organizational documents as needed.

The ED shall work independently and proactively communicate with the TSDF transition committee any needs and/or concerns. The ED shall hold all information gathered as confidential. All work product generated under this contract become property of TSDF.


The Texas School for the Deaf Foundation Mission is to strengthen and sustain language, academic achievement and career pathways for deaf students at TSD and across Texas. The Foundation seeks to accomplish this by enhancing educational opportunities in five strategic areas: 1) Literacy, 2) Outreach, 3) Technology, 4) STEM Curriculum, and 5) Career and Technical Education. The Foundation is designed to augment, supplement, or complement programs and activities provided by The Texas School for the Deaf.

The Foundation utilizes a variety of fundraising strategies including but not limited to annual campaigns, major gift solicitation, grants, corporate support, special events and planned giving.

TSDF hosts nine monthly general board meetings during the school year, monthly executive board meetings, an annual strategic development retreat, community engagement events, and moderates social media outlets to communicate with community and donor bases.The TSDF has investments (mostly endowments) of approximately $1M, with an annual budget of approximately $250,000 including income from fundraising events, donor appeals, and interest from the endowments.

Current program and fundraising events anticipated for the 2018-2019 School year include:

~$30,000 Funding the Mini-Grant Program for TSD Faculty and Staff (Fall 2018)
~$40,000 Funding for Strategic Initiatives (STEM, CTE, Literacy, Technology, Outreach)
~$7,000 Scholarships for Graduating Seniors at TSD
~$20,000 Annual Designated Contributions to various Programs at TSD
NEW – Car Show (Fall 2018)
~$50,000 End of Year Appeal (Winter 2018)
~$12,000 Amplify Austin (Spring 2019)
~$40,000 Annual Diamond Gala (Spring 2019)
~$10,000 Quarterly Lunch-and-Learn Events (onsite at TSD or at Donor Locations)
To Apply: Please send your cover letter, resume and references to mseeger@tsdfoundation.org
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