Congratulations to all students and staff who participated in this year’s 2nd annual High School Science Fair. It was a huge success with the participation of our budding scientists presenting their projects which was a culmination of months of hard work to prepare for this event.

We had judges consisting of selected TSD staff and community representatives such as University of Texas faculty and students, and after hard deliberations, they were able to pick out the winners. Kudos to our High School Science teachers for their hard work to ensuring the success of our second annual Science Fair.

List of Awarded Projects

Overall Science Fair CHAMPION
Erin Lambert, Faith Weatherford & Saria Webb
“Mind Games”

11/12th First Place
Amy Johnson, Zane Howell & Matthew Reaves
“Electric Motor Luge”

11/12th 2nd Place
Darby Layton, Emily Oberrender & Monica Ramirez
“Dogs Affect on Human’s Blood Pressure”

11/12th Grade 3rd
Austin Bishop, Chad Cummings, & Alton Markel
“Do Athletes Have More Powerful Lungs?”

9/10th First Place
Trevor Anderson, Vitaliy Dovgalyuk & Daniella Reyna
“Organic Ant Repellant”

9/10th 2nd Place
Ian Hennig, Nicholas Holton & Tyler Rush
“The Marshmallow Experiment”

9/10th Grade 3rd Place
James Hamilton, Cristian Leal & Carlos Word
“How High Does a Basketball Bounce?”