89848d5059c899bf6d16d968673a3416-huge-tsdstudent3“My daughter was born on April 21st 1995, in a small village in Soc Trang, Vietnam. When she was seven months old my wife and I traveled to Vietnam to bring our adopted daughter home. We named her Erin. 

Texas School for the Deaf has over 10,000 students and alumni. Every one of them is a human being with so much to contribute to the world. Every one of them has a story. 

“After we arrived home, we read all the latest parenting books, checked her development, and performed little tests. Months went by, and I began to suspect something was not right. I began observing Erin’s hearing capabilities more closely. Sometimes she would respond to conditional noises, other times she would not. In August of 1996 at 16 months of age, it was discovered my daughter was profoundly deaf.”

Being deaf isn’t like any other disability. Because you are literally locked off from communication, it takes a special environment to educate deaf students, and to help them grow.

“Through the educators, community and culture at Texas School for the Deaf, my daughter found positive role models, support, information, activities and a sense of belonging.”

We have a long history of successes in education and our alumni network is loyal and close-knit. Texas School for the Deaf administration, faculty and staff are as dedicated as any educators anywhere-hearing or deaf-and many are alumni of TSD. They understand the challenges, the relish in the culture, they become powerful role models.

“When I look into my daughter’s future, I see her walking across the stage at a leading university. I see my daughter as a community leader – perhaps a director of a Deaf community.”

Texas School for the Deaf is a premier choice for education, life skills and personal growth. A place designed to help your child live up to his or her potential. And create an environment where deaf students can truly live, grow and belong.

“She will blaze new frontiers. There will be hardship and sorrow, there will be joy and exultation. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, she will be prepared for life.” -Joel Craig