ce8c2662beb1e2f96515f3a49f8d26c5-huge-tsdstudentI started out in an oral school and because I couldn’t speak well, I really had no chance of success. I felt frustrated, isolated – a failure. Texas School for the Deaf has over 10,000 students and alumni. Every one of them is a human being with so much to contribute to the world. Every one of them has a story. “This year I was named Valedictorian. I am as proud of that as any accomplishments on the football field or baseball diamond. 

But I think that is the whole experience that makes you who you are – my self esteem, my ability to make friends, my relationship with my family – all was forged in large part by Texas School for the Deaf.”

Texas School for the Deaf is a place where students can flourish, discovering leadership and fellowship. Education and athletics. Art, theater and technology. It is a place where deaf students learn to not let their deafness hold them back from what they may offer the world.

“I’m convinced there is no other place where I could’ve cultivated my love for sports and also f lourished academically. That is the magic of this place – it offers a deaf student so much. You work hard and you can become anything you want to become.”

Classes are smaller, more intimate. Individual attention is a cherished part of our learning program. And our educators are as dedicated as any educators anywhere- hearing or deaf-and many are alumni of TSD. They understand the challenges, the relish in the culture, they become powerful role models.

“I’m going to college and I want to be an athletic administrator when I get my degree. My dream would be to come back to Texas School for the Deaf and lead the athletic department someday. The school has given me so much, I’d cherish the chance to give back.”

Texas School for the Deaf is a premier choice for education, life skills and personal growth. A place designed to help your child live up to his or her potential. And create an environment where deaf students can truly learn, grow and belong.

“This is part of my 2005 Valedictorian speech: So, this is what I am saying to you: Never Give Up. Always be willing “to try, to seek, to find.” Our education will not stop today. As we leave, perhaps for college, parents remember that we are still learning; we still have the passion to experience. Do not fear for us when we are only becoming ourselves.”