Foundation Board Members are active in the community and care deeply about supporting all children. The make-up of the Board is diverse. Many of our members are deaf or hard of hearing, or have had deafness in the family.

Whether a Board Member grew up with the challenges of deafness, became hard of hearing later in life, is a child of deaf adults, or grew up with deaf siblings, we know how to help, advocate and inform about deafness and impact.

Other Board Members are business people and concerned citizens who believe all children should have a voice and an opportunity to learn, grow, and belong to the community regardless of their language or communication style or ability.



Ken Brown III, President
Chris Bash, Vice President
Karl Ewan, Secretary
Hal Caldcleugh, Investment Officer
Jack Busenbark, Parliamentarian
Evan Winegard, Treasurer
John Caldcleugh, Assistant Treasurer

Olivia Domingue
John Biggs
Amber Farrelly
Emmy Wu
Mike Moody
Oliver H. Meek
Claire Bugen, TSD Superintendent