The Texas School for the Deaf Foundation works to strengthen and sustain language, academic achievement and career pathways for deaf students at TSD and across Texas by enhancing educational opportunities in five key areas.

Early Intervention Language Programs, Specialized Literacy Instruction and Literary-rich Environments.Read more
Sign Language Support, Pediatric Hearing Tests (ages 0–4), Educational Summer Camps, Online Teaching Materials, Distance Learning, Parent/Family Support, as well as Training/Technical Assistance for ProfessionalsLearn More
Tools such as iPads, FM Systems, Interactive (Smart) White Boards, vibro-tactile aids, LED projectors and other assistive technologies that enhance learning by providing visual, auditory, or tactile access.Read more
Professional training and equipment to prepare students with academic, technical and occupational knowledge to succeed in life after graduationLearn More
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses, including robotics, 3-D printing and engineering applicationsLearn More

What We Do

Children who are born deaf or hard of hearing are also born with the same innate ability for language acquisition and learning as hearing children. Therefore, providing them with an education specific to their needs can resolve the biggest challenge they face: the potential for lack of access to language, communication, and human connection. When introduced to language, children who are deaf or hard of hearing have the opportunity to reach their own unique linguistic capability, as well as their individual academic and social-emotional potential.

Because TSD provides such an education to the deaf and hard-of-hearing children of Texas, TSD Foundation works to raise awareness of the important work TSD does and to raise funds that help bridge the gap between monies allocated biennially to TSD by the Texas legislature, and what is actually needed to provide such excellence in education.

Our Mission

The mission of Texas School for the Deaf Foundation is to strengthen and sustain language, academic achievement, and career pathways for deaf students at TSD and across Texas.

Our Funding Priorities

TSD’s goal is for every child across the state of Texas who is deaf or hard of hearing to receive educational services that meet his/her unique needs, ensuring that s/he has the opportunity to learn, grow, and belong. With that goal in mind, TSDF supports specialized educational programs, teaching strategies and essential resources in five key areas that enhance learning opportunities and promote educational excellence for these children, while also providing needed support to their families and the professionals who serve them.

Other Projects that We Have Supported

In addition to the five key program areas, we have several other programs we have supported over the past few years they include: Robotics Expansion, Middle School IPad Expansion, Culinary Arts Upgrade, Outreach Family Signs Program, Toddler Learning Center Playscape, Library upgrade and Project Based Learning. To learn more about these programs please click here: Other Programs Supported

In addition to providing funds to TSD that enhance these five key program areas, we also provide Faculty/Staff Grants directly to teachers and staff members to support and encourage innovative teaching initiatives, as well as awards to graduating seniors and scholarships for students in need, making it possible for them to attend summer enrichment programs and youth leadership camps at TSD.

Won’t you join us in our mission? Your generous support will help to ensure that all deaf and hard-of-hearing children of Texas are given the opportunity to LEARN, GROW, and BELONG. See below to learn about our impact and click here to find out how you can help.

Good News: TSD Projects and Programs

In addition to the five key program areas, we have several other programs we have supported over the past few years under the Good News programs. Here are the latest Good News Newsletters: Good News October 7th Issue, Good News Oct. 16-21st Issue, Good News November-December Issue, Good News January 23rd Issue

Our Impact

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, TSDF is helping to strengthen the education of students across the state of Texas who are served by TSD and its outreach programs. A few examples of the enhancements TSDF provided over the past year are:

  • Broadly expanded the robotics program to serve all grade levels
  • 45 grants awarded to TSD teachers and outreach faculty for innovative projects
  • 40 iPads purchased for the middle school and students with special needs in all grade levels
  • 35 students in need of financial assistance received 50% reduced tuition to TSD Summer Educational Programs
  • 10 parents were provided two semesters of sign language instruction

Did You Know?

Did you know that the individuals who founded the Girl Scouts, created the Internet, shorthand, the football huddle, as well as baseball signals for strikes and balls were all either deaf or hard of hearing? Were you aware that deaf people have written symphonies, played professional sports and won Olympic medals, Oscars and Tony awards? They’ve also grown up to serve as receptionist to the President of the United States of America, as well as lawyers, dentists, doctors, chemists, inventors, artists, sculptors, writers, architects, poets, newspaper editors, clergy, teachers, accountants and much more.

In the words of Frederick C. Schreiber, the first director of the National Association of the Deaf (1922-79), Deaf people can do anything that hearing people can do … except hear.

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TSD Foundation Partnership is a wonderful way to support the children served by TSD. Learn about our TSD Foundation Partners and how you can also get involved.

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